Controlling E-Z App® Trains with Android

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E-Z App® Trains can now be controlled with Android devices using our free Android app available in the Google Play store. Your Android device must be running Android 4.3 or newer to operate E-Z App® Trains.

It is important that your Android is updated to the latest Android software to operate E-Z App® Trains.

The general method for updating your Android software is:

Settings >> General (scroll down) >> About Device >> Software Update

Most devices provide a back-up method (which is recommended prior to performing updates).

CLICK HERE for more information about updating your specific device.

The vast majority of Android devices that meet the minimum requirements and can download the free E-Z App® app will support all aspects of E-Z App®. However, due to the huge number of different Android models and manufacturing standards, issues may be encountered on some devices.

Android 6 (Marshmallow) is compatible with E-Z App®. However, due to changes in Bluetooth permissions with Android 6, the app may not be able to detect the E-Z App® trains properly. To resolve this issue, go to Settings in the OS–> Location and turn on location services. Your E-Z App® trains will now be detected properly in the app. This may require a wi-fi or cellular connection on certain devices.


Help us make E-Z® App better

You can help us make E-Z App® better. There are over 5000 Android devices running many different versions of Android. We have tested our control software on as many variations we could get our hands on. Occasionally there may be an issue on a variation we haven’t tested. Fortunately Android has a built in “Crash Report” feature that can help us solve the problem quickly. If you ever experience a “crash” while running the E-Z App® software, you are generally given two options: “Close” and “Report”. Please choose “Report” and add a sentence or two in the space provided to tell us what led up to the crash. This report is sent immediately to us and gives us valuable insight on what caused the crash, and allows us to fix the problem in the next app update. With your help we can quickly solve the problem and make E-Z App® better. Thank you for your help with this.




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