4. Running your Train

After touching the name of your train (displayed on the E-Z App® home screen), you will automatically navigate to the Train Control screen. On this screen you will see familiar touch controls that will allow you to control the train:

Start Button

start button

Use this button to start up your train. When your train is running, this becomes a “shut down” button that powers your train off.



Slide the throttle up and down to make your train go faster or slower.

Loco Stop

stop button

Push this button to stop your train. The lights and sounds will stay powered.

Direction (Fwd/Rev)

direction button

This button controls the direction of your train. Your train must be stopped to change directions.

Long Horn

horn button - long

Plays a long horn sound.

Short Horn

horn button - short

Plays a short horn sound


bell button

Plays a continuous bell sound. The bell sound will continue playing till you hit this button again.


light button

Toggles headlight on and off.

Stop All

Stop All

This will stop all the E-Z App®-equipped trains you are connected to on your layout.


Other buttons on the Train Control screen will be described in the Customizing and Advanced Features section.