3. Connecting to your Train

Once you have downloaded the E-Z App® to your smart device, you are ready to run your train. Be sure Bluetooth® is enabled on your smart device and launch E-Z App®.

Non-DCC users: Place your locomotive on the rails and power up the track. If your track is powered by a Bachmann DC Speed Controller/HO Transformer, turn the power all the way up. If you are using a non-Bachmann power supply, please do not exceed 16 to 18 volts of power to the track.

DCC users: The E-Z App® locos default to DC-Mode until connected to the smartphone app. Please launch the app on your smart device prior to setting your loco on a powered DCC-layout for the first time. This will prevent the loco from rolling the moment you set it on powered track.

E-Z App® Trains have not been thoroughly tested on “pulse power” transformers.

Within 3-10 seconds after launching the app and powering the locomotive, your Bachmann E-Z App® train will appear on your device screen. You can now operate your train by selecting it on the main screen. NOTE: At any time you can customize the train’s description by going to “Settings” (the Gear icon) on the Train Control screen.